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About Goa

Variously known as “Rome of the East”. “Tourist Paradise” and "Pearl of the Orient” the state of Goa is located on the west coast of India. Though a tiny dot on the world map it attracts travellers from around the world for its magnificent scenic beauty, the architectural splendour of its temples, churches and old houses. In addition to the natural beauty, the fabulous beaches and sunshine, travelers to Goa love the laid–back, peaceful, warm and friendly nature of the Goans. It also has a soul, which goes deep into unique history, and rich culture. Goa was liberated by the Indian Army from the Portuguese colonization on December 19,1961 and became a Union Territory. On May 30,1987 Goa was conferred statehood and became the 25th state of the Indian Republic having been the meeting point of races, religion and cultures of east and west over the countries Goa has a multi–hued and distinctive lifestyle quite different from rest of India. Hindu and Catholic communities make up almost the entire population with minority representations of Muslims and other religions. The warm and tolerant nature of the Goan people allows them to celebrate and enjoy the festivals of various religions such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Christmas, Easter and Eid with equal enthusiasm.

Panaji is the state capital located on the banks of the River Mandovi. Vasco, Margoa Mapusa and Ponda are the other major towns.Goan cuisine is a blend of different influences staple food is rice and fish. It is also strongly influenced by the Portuguese cuisine. The visitors here tend to think that food and drink in Goa means the famous fish curry, rice and feni package. With a wide variety ranging from prawns to sausages, chicken to beef and numerous vegetarian dishes, Goan cuisine is able to satisfy the most finicky gourmet appetites. The mixed international cuisine ranges from Chinese, Italian, Portuguese besides North and South Indian. The tourist season in Goa begins in late September and carries on through early April. The weather in these months is usually dry and pleasantly cool. It gets fairly hot in May and by end of June, Goa receives the full blast of the Indian monsoon with sudden down pours & tropical thunderstorm. However it is also during the monsoon that Goa is probably at its most beautiful, with greenery sprouting all around.

Goa as a young girl describe it as a “Great Place to chill out”.
So Goaway & simply chill out..............!


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