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Srilanka is an island encompassed with beautiful tropical beaches, verdant vegetation, ancient monuments and a thousand delights to please all tastes. Palm fringed beaches surround the island and the sea temperature rarely falls below 27OC.

The stately pillars and walls that held up Sri Lanka's impressive two millennia-old civilisation still bear the weight of history. And even if the walls of Ashlar are now fallen and giant squirrels have the run of stately audience halls where great kings held court, glory lingers everywhere. It exists in royal palaces fringed by perfectly landscaped pleasure gardens, vast irrigation lakes and views that were literally, fit for kings. Ancient capitals and fortresses still hold the stone and plaster of a profusion of fallen monuments… but this is not the case everywhere. In some places time has stood still, and the mark of preservation is almost undetectable. Journey to the stunning 5th rock fortress at Sigiriya, and marvel at the undiminished beauty of age-old frescoes glowing with colour after fifteen centuries. Elsewhere, sculptured towers and woodland monasteries still retain a haunting ambience of forgotten grandeur, looking out on vast irrigation lakes and quiet valleys.









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